Able Machine Tool Takes 5-Axis CMM Technology on the Road

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DAYTON, Ohio—(March 5, 2018) With  lead times shrinking and the demand for  parts with multiple features and tighter tolerances growing, fabricators have little time to spare for new equipment demonstrations. Yet the need to find the right quality inspection equipment is higher than ever. That’s why ABLE Machine Tool Sales Inc., the New England distributor for Dayton, Ohio-based AIMS Metrology’s Revolution Series coordinate measuring machines (CMM), is bringing the technology to its customers’ doorsteps.


The Revolution Is On The Move: The Only Mobile 5-Axis Shop Floor CMM

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Isn’t convenience nice? I know I enjoy it, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone does. You have to admit, when you see that batteries are in fact included with your purchase, you feel just a little relieved and happy. Or, when you want to buy chips and chip dip, and lo and behold, the grocery store added a stand-alone rack full of dip right next to your favorite flavor, you think that it’s, well, nice and convenient.


AIMS Combines 5-Axis Technology And Mobility With Shop Floor Durability In Its New Revolution Series HB Shop Floor CMM

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February 2, 2016. Pressure to increase production and minimize waste for increasingly complex parts is driving manufacturers to look for quality control processes that are faster and more accurate. To help companies meet tolerances and achieve repeatability, Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems (AIMS), an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of coordinate measuring machines, has introduced the Revolution Series HB Shop Floor CMM. Designed and built around Renishaw 5-axis technology, the Revolution HB is the only mobile 5-axis CMM on the market.