In our last blog we talked to you about some of things that go into designing a new coordinate measuring machine. It’s a delicate balance between the right people, technology and software.

For manufacturers the Summit 10.10.10 is a game changer. Here are some of the reasons why:Summit 10-10-10 With Person

The Summit is a stationary model that provides the industry with the largest work piece weight of 2,200 kg, yet it preserves valuable floor space. The design was driven by customer requests for large inspection capacity enhanced with REVO-2’s latest sensors such as RVP vision and SFP2 surface measurement.

The REVO-2 provides measuring speeds up to 500 mm/second and data collection rates of up to 4,000 points per second for increased part throughput. Rapid calibration for all positions expands uptime. Infinite positioning and 5-axis motion offer easy access to difficult features while flexible tip sensing aids accuracy and flexibility.

Dual linear motors work off permanent magnets that don’t wear out. Conventional belt and pulley mechanisms have a tendency to break, resulting in costly service calls and extensive downtime. AIMS’ design minimizes wear and tear for zero maintenance and enhanced up time. The result is precision positioning and reliability.

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In 2015 AIMS integrated dual linear motors into the design/build of its lab-grade 5-axis LM. Field experience with this type of motor configuration helped AIMS modify it for the Summit. These motors provide superior positioning accuracy for REVO technology.

Summit’s polymer-cast base has built-in vibration resistance and thermal stability for longer life and greater accuracy, unlike granite shop floor machines. The CMM uses 110/220 volt outlets eliminating the need for shop air. In addition to robotic or pass through conveyor automation, the Summit can be equipped with automatic tool adjustment for tool wear. The new CMM can be automated with a robot load/unload system or pass through process with a conveyor. The Summit also has a broader reach, supporting metal cutting and forming industries as well as composite manufacturing applications.

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