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In 2016, Honda Transmission, an automotive OEM based in Russells Point, Ohio, began looking for ways to update their quality inspection methods. Inspections were made using a hard fixture with bar gages, which was costly and took too much time. On top of that, they also couldn't collect live data. 

So, Honda Transmission began looking into purchasing a CMM, which would allow them to collect data points and provide feedback in real time. They decided on purchasing a Revolution® series HB CMM from AIMS Metrology, along with a five-axis PH20 probe head. The CMM was locally built, and Honda wanted a company that would provide a level of service that they didn't think a more corporate-feeling company could. In working with AIMS, Honda Transmission was able to eliminate their dependence on gages and improved best quality practices for part inspection. 

AIMS-Summit-CMM-With-REVOLater, when Honda Transmission reached volume capacity on the HB, they decided that another, larger CMM would be necessary. Larger parts were coming in and they needed extra room to accommodate a robot head and gripper (which would allow them to automate inspection). However, such a CMM didn't exist on the marketplace, which was when they turned once again to AIMS Metrology, who began developing the new Summit 10.10.10 CMM. A stiffened Z axis for supporting the REVO-2 probe head that Honda Transmission needed, linear motors, a polymer base, and temperature compensation were all incorporated in the new large CMM.

With a workpiece weight capacity of 2,200 kg, the Summit is not mobile, but was made to conserve space. It can also work with a robotic load/unload system or different types of processes that use conveyors, and can be equipped with automatic adjustment to handle tool wear and tear. 

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