DAYTON, Ohio—(Oct. 1, 2021) As manufacturers continue to automate inspection, companies are also looking for solution-oriented OEMs that can provide service and support. AIMS Metrology will feature its Revolution Series 5-axis coordinate measuring machines at Booth 714 at The Quality Show. Its’ new Summit 10.10.10, equipped with a 5-axis REVO-2 dynamic scanning probe and 1 meter cubed capacity, is the largest shop floor CMM in the industry. AIMS turnkey solutions include fully automated inspection cells.

“The Summit is a game changer,” says AIMS Vice President Mark Gearding. “Its’ development was prompted by customer requests for large inspection capacity enhanced with REVO-2’s latest sensors such as RVP vision and SFP2 surface measurement. But customers also want to know that if they have an issue, they can call someone and get corrective action immediately.”

AIMS’ Revolution Series 5-axis lab-grade LM also offers companies multisensor capabilities. The REVO-2 provides measuring speeds up to 500 mm/second and data collection rates of up to 4,000 points per second for increased part throughput. Rapid calibration for all positions expands uptime. Infinite positioning and 5-axis motion offer easy access to difficult features while flexible tip sensing aids accuracy and flexibility.

Both the Summit and the LM have been designed with Direct Drive Linear (DDL) motors. In this system the rotary motor is laid out flat, allowing the load to be connected directly to the motor.

Unlike conventional motors, the DDL doesn’t use ball screws, belts, a rack and pinion drive or any other type of mechanical components. Because there are no traditional mechanical components, maintenance is drastically reduced.

The OEM’s mobile Revolution Series HB can be placed on or near a production line for dimensional verification. The CMM saves substantial time and expense because an operator no longer has to manually pull parts for inspection. The machine is easily moved from location to location, where it can monitor process flow in real time. Renishaw’s 5-axis PH20 quickly obtains high-density points for feature size, location, and form. This gives a manager or machinist accurate and actionable data to act on at any point during parts production.

AIMS designs and manufactures coordinate measuring machines with Renishaw 5-axis multisensor probes for accurate, three-dimensional inspection of in-process and post process parts. The OEM’s Revolution Series LM, HB and Summit 10.10.10 have been engineered for the shop floor, lab and automated applications in smart factory settings. The CMMs use Renishaw probe heads, touch probes, scanning probes, incremental encoder scale systems and controls. A range of software options from Modus and CMM Manager to Verisurf’s 2021 CMM Programming and Inspection Suite equip the CMMs for integration with IIoT practices. In addition to building a network of distributors, AIMS acquired CMI Technologies in 2016, to enhance quality control and delivery timeframes for CMM parts. With the purchase of Measurement Specialties Inc., AIMS expanded its footprint for calibration, certification and CMM programming, along with retrofitting and repair services. AIMS is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board.