CAMBRIDGE, Ontario—(August 3, 2021) 1Source Metrology will represent AIMS Metrology’s Revolution Series 5-axis mobile HB and its new 5-axis Summit 10.10.10 coordinate measuring machines. The Cambridge, Ontario distributor combines more than a century of industrial metrology experience under one roof. Its services include CMM sales, programming, certified inspection, software training, retrofits, reverse engineering, data collection solutions, fixturing and accessories sales.

“AIMS’ 5-axis CMM technology allows us to expand our portfolio for shop floor solutions,” says CMM Metrology Specialist Don Mahon. “We’re an application-driven organization. Our goal is to help manufacturers make purchases based on the right tool for the job. We see too many companies making decisions that are based on software instead.”

“Legacy programs with closed architecture lock fabricators into one OEM,” Mahon continues. “It’s the primary reason companies are afraid to make a switch. AIMS’ 5-axis CMMs are equipped with an open architecture Renishaw controller and MODUS software. This gives customers the flexibility to replace outdated technology and it allows us to show companies how quality inspections can generate huge productivity gains with the right equipment.”                                                                                                     

For more information visit: or contact Don Mahon at 905-220-1824 or email: