Revolution-HB-817x960-2.jpgJanuary 6, 2016. Originally published in Quality Magazine. Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems (AIMS) fully shop hardened Revolution®  CMMs are a mobile 5 axis shop floor CMM featuring Renishaw technology including PH20 probe, scale systems, software controller, and more.  

Built in its Dayton, Ohio facilities, it features a durable , roll-around base and sealed components that provide enhanced stable metrology performance even in the midst of a chaotic shop floor.  Features include:

  • Shop-hardened design
  • Polymer cast base for thermal stability
  • Built in vibration resistance
  • No shop air required
  • Uses standard 110 volt power
  • Monitor installed on left or right
  • Optional temperature compensation
  • Heavy duty locking castors
  • Internal wiring eliminates snags
  • Available in two sizes: 5.9.4 and 8.1 0.6

The Revolution® LM Series air bearing bridge configuration offers advanced measuring platform fully equipped with next generation 5-axis probing technology combined with the speed and efficiency of linear motor power.  This provides triple the productivity of conventional touch probe CMMs with over five times the scanning productivity

These lab grade CMMs are designed with advanced CAD design technology and feature flexible and precise instruments able to carry out measurements both in point-to-point mode as well as continuous measurements with contact to sensor and lasers.  

Revolution® LM Series Lab Grade CMM technical highlights include:

  • Worktop structure with granite work plate incorporated, three points supporting system to the ground.
  • Large Z -axis ram in light aluminum alloy to be able to use the range of motorized probe heads.
  • Mobile bridge is constructed of aluminum alloy for higher rigidity with lower weight to reduce inertia effects.  Delivers greater accuracy and repeatability.
  • linear motor magnetic drive system for the X and Y-axis provides smooth, quiet acceleration and linear velocity.  No mechanical linkages, pulleys, or belts means the linear drive typically needs no regular maintenance
  • Optical scales are free to expand lengthwise. The expansion coefficient is precisely determined on scales and the material guarantees a uniform reaction to temperature variations.  The story of hysteresis of the scales is minimal as the steel scales are "floating" in the aluminum carrier.  Resolution is 0.1 microns.
  • Pneumatic counterbalance (adjustable) for Z.

Aims Renewal® Software for old systems provides a virtual connection between your existing CMM to Renishaw's new MODUS™ CMM software. Most CMMs are in good condition, just the software is outdated.  A software- only upgrade is a fraction of the price of a comparable new machine. 

Upgrading the CMM to MODUS™ software provides more capability with simple, fast and intuitive CAD-driven programming and easy to interpret graphical reports and includes:

  • Powerful CAD Capability
  • Programming Off-line and/or on-line straight from the CAD model reduces development time
  • Graphical Reports instead of reams of text
  • Industry standard DMIS programming language
  • I++ DME communication protocol with the CMM controller via AIMS Renewal® software
  • Certified measurement algorithms
  • Generate master data set (.cal file) for use with Renishaw Equator Gage



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