AIMS Metrology, an OEM for coordinate measuring machines, has achieved ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation for calibration from the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 covers testing and calibration performed using standard, non-standard and laboratory-developed methods.

“A large number of manufacturers for the automotive and transportation markets have to meet different quality and MIL standards that require gauges and CMMs that are calibrated by an ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited facility,” says Robert Miller, quality manager and applications engineer for AIMS. “We are a customer centric organization.  Earning accreditation allows us to satisfy quality system requirements our customers need to in order to meet their own standards.”

AIMS manufactures and assembles its CMMs in the U.S.  The OEM’s laboratory-grade Revolution LM can be equipped for touch or non-contact inspection. Unlike other vision systems on the market, the LM features Renishaw’s REVO 2.  The Revolution HB, designed and built around Renishaw PH20 5-axis technology, is the only mobile 5-axis CMM on the market.  AIMS CMI builds custom gauges based on customer requirements removing the need to limit sizes.

AIMS was founded in 2009 to equip the industry with the tools to perform accurate, flexible three-dimensional inspection for in-process and post process parts.  In 2015 the Dayton, Ohio-based OEM launched its line of Revolution LM and HB series coordinate measuring machines designed and engineered to introduce and bring Renishaw 5-axis measurement technology to the shop floor and the laboratory. AIMS’ Revolution line of CMMs are exclusively supported by Renishaw technology through probe heads, touch probes, scanning probes, incremental encoder scale systems, change racks, styli, controls, and Modus software. Faster measuring speeds, enhanced accuracy, higher throughput and lower cost of ownership make the Revolution series products especially suited for the quality control process demands of efficiency-driven manufacturers and the growing number of smart factories and automated operations. In addition to matching customer requirements with the right turnkey CMM system, AIMS provides installation, service/support and training. Machine retrofits and refurbished equipment are also available.

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