Uses of Metrology for Medicine in the Medical Industry

Proper calibration of medical devices is crucial in the medical industry for ensuring patient safety while keeping in line with industry advancements. Medical metrology uses sensor technology to obtain measurements from part features and surfaces. AIMS incorporate this technology into our CMMs to offer fast, precise, and highly accurate measurements to help maintain quality and tolerances for reliable, safe medical devices while complying with FDA guidelines. 

Why CMMs are Important to Medical Device Manufacturers?

The growing medical device industry combined with the FDA’s initiative for innovative devices makes inspection and the use of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) extremely important to medical device manufacturers. Going beyond standard FDA compliance, CMMs offer design improvements, control of production errors, and increased detection speeds for quality issues while reducing lead times and keeping up with production demands. 

Inspecting and Measuring: Medical Metrology

CMMs perform non-contact measurements and inspections for surface imperfections, such as dust or burrs, without affecting dimensional accuracy or the sterility of medical devices. Our lab-grade CMMs are able to calibrate small, delicate, and flexible medical devices and parts using multisensor metrology to provide highly accurate and repeatable multi-axis measurements.

Metrology Systems for Your Needs

AIMS offers a variety of products for your medical device calibration needs.


Revolution® CMM models

  • Revolution® HB Shop Floor CMM. The only mobile 5-axis shop floor CMM available in the market. It has a roll-around stand to allow movement across the shop floor.
  • Revolution® Air Bearing Small Bridge CMM. This machine is typically used for machine setup, incoming and final inspection, and process control.
  • Revolution® Air Bearing Large Bridge CMM. This robust CMM is useful for measuring large components. It is easy to maintain, uses Renishaw technology, and has a wide range of medical metrology applications.
  • Revolution® Linear Motor CMM. This CMM delivers 5-axis measurements and is equipped with innovative probing technology.

Equator™ Gauging System

A fast and easy-to-use flexible gauge with manual and automated applications. It offers high repeatability, versatility, and thermal insensitivity.

Probe Heads

  • PH20 Infinite Positioning Head. This probe head uses head motion technology to minimize the CMM's errors at high speed.
  • PH10 PLUS Head Family. Includes the PH10M, PH10MQ, and PH10T. These probe heads automate the CMM's probe reorientation capability, thus maximizing the throughput.
  • PH6 Fixed Head. A fixed probe head with a small diameter and an M8 threaded probe mount.
  • MH20 Manual Head. A probe head with a TP20 kinematic module mounts for the stylus. It can be manually adjusted.
  • MH20i Manual Head. This probe head is similar to the MH20 but it has the capability of two-axis indexing along with the flexibility of changing stylus and probe re-orientation.
  • MH8 Manual Head. A manually adjustable probe head with an M8 thread. It allows the use of TP20, TP6, and TP2 touch probes.
  • MIH Manual Head. A manual indexing probe head for repeated indexing of 720 positions with increments of 7.5°.

Scanning Probes

  • REVO 5-Axis Head. Provides high measurement speed along with high accuracy. This CMM system engages a flexible-tip sensing probe to capture several measurements for correctness.
  • SP25M. With a diameter of 25 mm, this scanning probe has two sensors in a single housing. It also offers five separate scanning module options.
  • SP600. An analog scanning probe that is capable of inspection, profile scanning, and digitization.
  • SP80 and SP80H. Quill mounted probes that implement the Readhead technology along with Renishaw's isolated optical metrology principles. These have a digital scale and provide excellent performance (even with a long stylus).

Touch Probes

  • TP20. A compact touch-trigger probe that is capable of module changes. Various stylus configurations can be used to inspect features on complex parts.
  • TP200 and TP200B. The TP200 has 6-way measurement capacities with the usage of micro strain gauge transducers. It offers high repeatability and accurate 3D measurements. The TP200B has the additional advantage of higher vibration tolerance.
  • TP6 and TP6A. These kinematic touch-trigger probes offer several probe mounting options. The trigger force can also be adjusted manually for best results with different styli.
  • TP7M. An electronic touch probe with a strain-gauge diameter of 25 mm (1in). Its auto joint mounting allows highly accurate part calibration.

Looking for CMMs for Medical Devices? Look No Further than AIMS Metrology

AIMS is an Original Equipment Manufacturer that builds quality CMMs. We are dedicated to building solid partnerships with each of our customers by providing the best technologies along with our expert service. Our commitment to quality is backed by our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Certification. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help with your medical metrology needs.