Although our clients recognize the need for precise metrology solutions, buyers are not always familiar with coordinate measurement machines and their specific capabilities. Here, we provide answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding CMM technology and how it can benefit your manufacturing process.

CMM Basics

What does CMM stand for?

CMM stands for Coordinate Measurement Machine.

What is a CMM?

CMM does not refer to a single device but rather a group of machines that use scanning probes to generate measurements about a workpiece's dimensions. The broad range of CMMs includes 3- and 5-axis devices with contact- or non-contact scanning probes.

How does a CMM work?

A CMM uses precise displacement measurements to map a physical object’s geometry. To do this, the CMM moves a calibrated probe from a reference position to various points on the workpiece. At each point, the probe calculates the exact position of the workpiece. Using these data points, operators can extrapolate the components: 

  • Angularity
  • Depth
  • Dimensions
  • Profile
  • Size

These measurements are usually taken from finished components and compared to reference values to determine a part's accuracy.

How are CMMs used?

Coordinate measurement machines are most commonly used in quality-control processes to verify that components meet specifications. Manufacturers compare the data collected by the probe to expected values to determine whether the part meets acceptable parameters. Automated CMM processes are especially useful in this context, allowing manufacturers to assess large volumes of precision components. 

Why should I invest in a CMM if I already have metrology equipment?

CMMs are faster and more accurate than manual measurement techniques, and they output more consistent results. 5-axis CMM technology allows manufacturers to measure spaces that would be impossible to reach by hand. 

CMM Technology at Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems

What equipment does AIMS Metrology offer?

As an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of innovative coordinate measurement machines, AIMS offers a range of advanced CMMs, including sophisticated 5-axis machines. Our specific offerings include:

  • Revolution® HB Shop Floor CMM: The Revolution HB is the only fully-mobile, 5-axis CMM available today. 5-axis CMMs are distinct from 3-axis models in that the probe itself can move freely at multiple angles even as the CMM moves along a single axis. The result is less vibration and more precision than what is possible with a standard 3-axis model. For the first time, the Revolution® HB puts these benefits into a mobile form factor for ultimate flexibility.
  • Revolution Linear Motor CMM: The Revolution Linear Motor CMM provides next-generation 5-axis capabilities along with smooth, linear-motor movement for maximum uptime.
  • Revolution Air Bearing Small Bridge CMM: The Revolution Air Bearing Small Bridge CMM situates our innovative 5-axis scanning in a rugged, durable station for an affordable entry-point to 5-axis metrology. This model is optimized for rapid and precise measurements at all stages of manufacturing.
  • Revolution Air Bearing Large Bridge CMM: Like the Revolution Air Bearing Small Bridge CMM, the Large Bridge model is durable, easy to use, and cost-effective. This model features a larger bridge to maximize measurement space and accommodate larger or heavier workpieces. 
  • Summit 10.10.10 Linear Motor CMM: The Summit 10.10.10 is a stationary, shop floor CMM designed for large, heavy, or cumbersome workpieces. Its extra-large capacity accommodates one cubic meter of measurement space with a 2,200 kg weight limit. The Summit features a space-saving design and was carefully engineered to fit into almost any facility's layout. The Summit also incorporates non-wear, zero-maintenance linear motors, as well as automated loading and unloading to maximize efficiency.

The team at AIMS Metrology can help you further differentiate these models to determine which is the most suitable for your application.

What CMM services does AIMS Metrology offer?

In addition to supplying CMM devices, AIMS also supports our equipment with CMM calibration, programming, installation, and repair. We take a turnkey approach to CMM distribution, supporting customers at every stage of the product lifecycle. 

AIMS Metrology: Your 5-Axis CMM Experts

At AIMS, we specialize in turnkey CMM solutions for clients from across industries. If you have further questions about our offerings, or about CMM technology in general, our team would be happy to help. To learn more, contact us or request a quote today.