AIMS recently provided another 5-axis solution in the southeast to a global leader in power system industry.  Prior to the introduction to AIMS and our 5-axis LM CMM, they were users of conventional 3-axis CMM’s driven by belts and pulleys, and their proprietary software.  They were dealing with some maintenance issues with the drive system of the machine.  The inspections were taking longer than they were expecting due to the amount of indexing and tip changes the 3-axis system needed to perform.  They were also limited with the software and the people that were comfortable with the complexity of programming.

Like many customers, AIMS provided them with a demonstration using the most advanced technologies utilizing Renishaw’s PH20 5-axis probe system and CMM-Manager software on a LM frame, and they saw the value and throughput through the use of this technology.  The software was very appealing to the team, and they felt it was easy and intuitive to use.  One other main feature of the system is the linear motor drive system with fewer moving parts.  Not only does this drive system provide smooth and accurate positioning, but the reduced maintenance was a large plus.

After reviewing all the package had to offer as you would say, “the rest is history”.  Today, they are now one of hundreds of satisfied customers using the LM CMM supported by PH20 probing technology and CMM-Manager software.   



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