A 5-axis Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a powerful tool for measuring complex shapes and parts with high precision. Compared to traditional CMMs, which only have three axes of motion, 5-axis CMMs offer several advantages.


One significant advantage of a 5-axis CMM is its ability to measure complex parts more accurately. With a 5-axis CMM, you can measure features that are difficult or impossible to measure with a 3-axis CMM, such as curved surfaces, deep pockets, and intricate geometries. This accuracy and versatility make 5-axis CMMs ideal for inspecting parts used in aerospace, automotive, medical, and other precision industries.

5-axis CMM's also have a high throughput due to the ability of the head to measure the part at high speed while the CMM is stationary or moving at a controlled velocity during the measurement.  A conventional 3-axis CMM that can move quickly has to slow way down to scan a surface due to the dynamic errors that are introduced the faster it moves.  A 5-axis CMM can move the XYZ of the machine and the A/B of the head simultaneously allowing for greater data collection in a shorter amount of time.   

Another benefit of a 5-axis CMM is its increased efficiency. With a 5-axis CMM, you can measure multiple features in one setup, reducing inspection time and increasing throughput. A 5-axis CMM requires far less styli to inspect a part, this helps decrease the amount of time spent calibrating tips and the time lost during the program to change tips.  These efficiencies lead to a decrease in the overall cost of inspection, as fewer resources are needed to inspect the same number of parts.

Finally, 5-axis CMMs provide increased flexibility, as they can measure both simple and complex parts, with a variety of materials and finishes. This results in a more versatile measurement solution that can adapt to changing inspection needs and requirements.

In conclusion, 5-axis CMMs offer a superior level of precision and accuracy, making them ideal for a wide range of industries and applications. By leveraging the benefits of this technology, companies can improve their inspection processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately achieve better results.

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